Optical Quality Frames and Lenses

Better Choice

Before CHEATERS people with presbyopia had only two choices in reading glasses: (1) purchasing drugstore Readers, which are generally poor-quality and can cause eyestrain, and (2) obtaining glasses through an eye doctor, which often means spending hundreds of dollars. CHEATERS offers a better choice: ophthalmic-quality lenses and a broad and beautiful selection of frames for substantially less than you’d pay through your eye-care professional. And CHEATERS glasses are RX-adaptable, so, if you’d like, your optician can fit them with prescription lenses.

Ophthalmic-Quality Lens & Frames

Just like reading glasses you’d purchase from an optical store, CHEATERS glasses have aspheric lenses that evenly and clearly magnify across the entire lens. The primary clarity in the lenses of drugstore Readers is found in the “optical centers”, a narrow field of correction. Most people’s eyes don’t line up with these optical centers and this can cause discomfort. In addition to not having the best focus, if you wear poor-quality Readers for any length of time, you may well develop eyestrain. CHEATERS frames are also more comfortable, more durable and RX-adaptable.

Why This is Important 

Our Cheaters frames and lenses meet the high standards of the U.S. government and optical industry for the materials used in their construction Better glasses do perform better and do last longer. Many of our frames have been in daily use for over six years, so it is possible to make a better Cheater. Have you ever noticed your grocery store Readers seem to “fog” over after you’ve had them a short time? Effectively, you’re sanding down the soft surface of the lens with every cleaning. Optical quality lenses have hard coatings to help keep the lenses from breaking down with repeated cleanings. We do recommend using a good quality lens cleaner or plain water with mild detergent, along with a soft cotton or micro fiber cloth to keep the lenses in top shape. But it’s the treatment, quality of the lens, and lens coatings that make the difference. Your Cheaters will arrive in a carrying case and with a one-year warranty that covers everything but scratches. If there’s a defect in the workmanship of any CHEATERS frame, we’ll happily and quickly replace your purchase.