Experienced Professional Service

Cheaters’s Experienced professionals

Because CHEATERS began as a locally owned business in a demanding community, service has always been a top priority. Our success is as much a result of our attentive, professional service as it is the quality of our product. We’ve been selling reading glasses since “the turn of the century,” and are always expanding our knowledge and our selection of Readers. Many of you have visited our store in The Village Shopping Center in Marin county, where we operated for ten years before taking our store online. We appreciate your continued patronage.

Email us at CustomerService@CheatersReadingGlasses.com with any questions you might have, before or after your CHEATERS purchase. Your Cheaters will arrive in a carrying case and with a one-year warranty that covers everything but scratches. If there’s a defect in the workmanship of any CHEATERS frame, we’ll happily and quickly replace your purchase.