I love my Cheaters. I receive compliments every time I wear them. I accessorize with them. P. Miller Health Care Professional San Rafael, CA
Jack, hi.  Just wanted you to know that I received the glasses and I think they're great.  I'll be sure to refer anybody I know who might be in need of readers or computer glasses to the CheatersReadingGlasses.com site.  They're very fine glasses.  Thanks very much.  Andy S - Corpus Christi TX Andy S
I've been looking for this type of store for several years. Gene D. Managing Partner, V.C. San Francisco, CA
"Dear Jack, I cannot thank you enough - my bifocal readers arrived today!! Thank you for all you did to get them to me so quickly so I could bring them on my trip.Also....I have tried them, and they are AWESOME!! No more putting them on and taking them off 20 times a day! I couldn't be more pleased.(Please feel free to use this as a testimonial. It is very sincere.) " Satisfied Customer, Kim W. Grafton, MA
"I've had my [Multi-View(TM) Computer Reading] Glasses for some time but never sent you an update. I couldn't survive without these glasses, this is the best my eyes have ever felt while using a computer all day. Best money I've ever spent on glasses. Thanks and thanks to Linda too. Your service was just as good as these glasses. Sorry for taking so long getting back to you. My wife will be looking for some shortly and I may have to buy a second pair." Satisfied Customer, John City of Jim Thorpe, PA
My Clic Readers from CHEATERS have saved many hours on the construction of my latest home. No more looking around the construction site for my Readers when I need them. They're hanging around my neck at all times. Unique concept and incredibly practical. R. Gordon Professional Builder Mill Valley, CA
I love my Cheaters. I receive compliments every time I wear them. I accessorize with them. P. Miller Health Care Professional San Rafael, CA
I love your store and I love your glasses. I receive compliments every time I wear them. Jennifer Z. Realtor Mill Valley, CA

My Distance Vision is Changing

The Long and the Short of It You may notice that as your presbyopia progresses, requiring stronger magnification for reading and close work, your distance vision can change as well. This may or not mean you need prescription glasses. Before you decide, you might experiment using a +1.00 diopter to improve distance clarity. Try it in […]

Getting the Right Pair

Computer Reading Glasses Our returning customers are familiar with this information but if you are ordering for the first time, you should find this information helpful. Computer Reading Glasses have progressive lenses, starting with the strongest magnification at the bottom and graduating to a lower magnification at the top. The diopters listed on the website […]

Taking Good Care of Your Eyes

Protecting Your Eyes From Your Computer Whether you are the boss or you are trying to impress the boss or you work from home, you are probably spending considerable time in front of a computer screen. The thing is, constant staring at a computer screen can be detrimental to one’s physical wellbeing, causing problems such […]

Welcome to Cheaters Reading Glasses

Hello, and welcome to CheatersReadingGlasses.com. This is our third generation website since opening our bricks and mortar location at the turn of the century. It takes advantage of the latest technology present in smart tablets, smart phones, ultra sophisticated cameras and satellite communications, just to name a few of the things that are affecting our daily lives. […]