Face Shapes and Frame Styles

Choose a frame to complement your faceWhichCheaters

Choose a frame based not just on style but also on the size, width, and shape of your face. Although Cheaters magnify evenly and clearly across the entire lens surface, you’ll still want your eyes to line up with the optical centers. That’s why choosing a frame that fits your face is important.

Here are the four basic face shapes and suggestions for frame styles that best suit each


Most frame shapes look good on an oval face as long as they are appropriately sized.




A frame that’s angular or curved on top and/or bottom will deemphasize a square jaw line.



Your best choices are frames with thin rims and vertical lines. Cat-eye styles flatter the female heart or triangle shaped face. Rectangular shapes work well for men. Avoid square shapes.


Choose frames that feature geometric shapes, including rectangles, rather than styles with perfectly square or round shapes. Dark colors deemphasize roundness.