Optimal Diopter Selection

The right pair of reading glasses can make a world of difference.

We encourage all our customers to have regular eye exams, but you can select your Cheaters reading glasses without a prescription. If you know your reading prescription or already have Readers, you’re ready to shop, though we do suggest you spend a few minutes making sure that your current Readers are still right for you. Just glance at our advice on selecting the optimal diopter (magnification) and frame shape.

Selecting the Optimal Diopter

Wearing your current reading glasses, hold some reading material at a comfortable distance-16 to 18 inches from your face-in good light, and read for a minute or so.

If the type is blurry, see if it improves by moving the material closer to, or farther from, your face. Move it slowly and pay close attention to the clarity of the letters. At a certain distance the letters should be crisp and in focus. If that distance is closer than your normal reading position, the glasses are too strong; if it’s farther away, they’re too weak. If you need to go up or down in strength, we suggest you start with a half-diopter change. For instance, if your current glasses have a diopter strength of +1.00 and are too weak, +1.50 may work perfectly.