My Distance Vision is Changing

The Long and the Short of It

You may notice that as your presbyopia progresses, requiring stronger magnification for reading and close work, your distance vision can change as well. This may or not mean you need prescription glasses. Before you decide, you might experiment using a +1.00 diopter to improve distance clarity. Try it in front of your TV screen first and see if it makes a difference. Many of our customers are finding this improves their distance vision, not only around the house , but with driving as well. Some of our customers who are wearing +2.75 to +3.50 for reading are ordering from +1.00 to +1.75 to use for driving. We are not suggesting this will work for everyone and we encourage you to visit your eye care professional with any changes in your vision. In fact, we recommend that everyone see an eye care professional on a regular bases as it provides for discovery of, or ruling out, certain diseases or identifying complex vision issues.