Getting the Right Pair

Computer Reading Glasses

Our returning customers are familiar with this information but if you are ordering for the first time, you should find this information helpful. Computer Reading Glasses have progressive lenses, starting with the strongest magnification at the bottom and graduating to a lower magnification at the top. The diopters listed on the website for computer reading glasses are the magnification for reading.  So, if your reading glasses are +2.50, that is the magnification you want to select from the drop down menu when ordering computer readers. The top magnification is adjusted by formula for the longer distance. You can find these formulas in the Computer Readers section of the website under “About Us.” How does this work? Ideally you should be sitting about 30 inches from your computer screen. At that distance the magnification you need for reading is too strong. This is why you might find yourself  looking over the top of their reading glasses at the screen. This movement can cause neck pain and stiffness over time. Most tasks require looking at written material on your desk in concert with computer interaction. The progressive lens accommodates this by giving you the correct magnification for both distances in one continuous lens.

The aforementioned presumes that you already know your plus power magnification for reading. If you do not, please visit the section on Optimal Diopter Selection.