Computer Readers

If you use your current reading glasses while working at your computer, most likely you have a sore neck from alternately tilting your head back to read your monitor, and then moving your head forward because the magnification is too strong for that distance. Read on… but before ordering, please check the chart below  you that indicates the correct plus powers for ordering the progressive lenses. If you have any questions about how to order, please contact us for the best advise.

Cheaters has a solution!

We’re one of a handful of retailers nationwide that offers reading glasses designed for use at a desktop computer. Most glasses advertised as computer reading glassWatermarkCompes are inexpensive Readers with an anti-glare coating, or a very subtle tint, to reduce glare and reflection. While the anti-glare and tint treatment can be helpful, they don’t address the real problem: The magnification of normal reading glasses functions at the distance at which you would comfortably hold a page to read it – 16 to 22 inches. Generally, you [should] sit 28 to 36 inches from your monitor, a distance beyond the functional  range of your reading glasses.

It’s like having two pairs of readers in one frame.

To test this theory, put on a weaker Reader and see if the monitor isn’t clearer from a more comfortable distance. Now, however, you probably can’t see your keyboard or reference materials very well. Cheaters to the rescue! Our computer/reading glasses have progressive, multi-focus lenses, allowing you to read clearly at the 16 to 22 inch range, and also view your computer monitor at a range of 28 to 36 inches, even farther. This is superior to the computer glasses bifocals you may see elsewhere, and they look better with no lines!

Progressive lense are bifocals with no visible line.

Essentially, they are multi-focus lenses with two levels of magnification for near and intermediate distances. They’re great at the computer (and who doesn’t use a computer these days?) but they’re also very useful for the person who doesn’t want to look like they’re wearing bifocal reading glasses. You can see your meeting notes, contracts, reference materials and computer clearly, as well as the people around you to a distance of at least 60 inches. Attorneys, Librarians, Retail Clerks find them especially useful.

The lenses come in the following set configurations:

Reader (bottom) Monitor/Subject (top of lens) Reader (bottom) Monitor/Subject (top of lens)
+1.00 - +.25 +2.50 - +1.25
+1.25 - +.50 +2.75 - +1.50
+1.50 - +.75 +3.00 - +1.75
+1.75 - +1.00 +3.25 - +2.00
+2.00 - +.75 +3.50 - +2.25
+2.25 - +1.00 - - -

Using this chart, when ordering these glasses, you should specify your reading strength as the diopter you need. That automatically determines the intermediate distance prescription for the computer screen.