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My Distance Vision is Changing

The Long and the Short of It You may notice that as your presbyopia progresses, requiring stronger magnification for reading and close work, your distance vision can change as well. This may or not mean you need prescription glasses. Before you decide, you might experiment¬†using a +1.00 diopter to improve distance clarity. Try it in […]

Getting the Right Pair

Computer Reading Glasses Our returning customers are familiar with this information but if you are ordering for the first time, you should find this information helpful. Computer Reading Glasses have progressive lenses, starting with the strongest magnification at the bottom and graduating to a lower magnification at the top. The diopters listed on the website […]

Taking Good Care of Your Eyes

Protecting Your Eyes From Your Computer Whether you are the boss or you are trying to impress the boss or you work from home, you are probably spending considerable time in front of a computer screen. The thing is, constant staring at a computer screen can be detrimental to one’s physical wellbeing, causing problems such […]